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Watching the #USC game with mom! Go #Gamecocks!!


I mean there are those people, who are offended by these mass riots, and try to make it a “White v Black” argument (so much fucking assholes) like as if they are the victim, the problem is the message we’re trying to deliver is not blaming white people, but the racism in U.S and around the world.

It doesn’t matter what race you are, because this is all of our problem. We wanna make a change.

I agree that racism exists but my problem atm is that we are only getting one side of the story. How can we truly tell who is to blame in all this if we aren’t getting the whole story bc of the rioting and what not going on? I’m not saying that he police were justified in what they did and are doing, but before we start condemning a whole bunch of police officers and Civilians (Whites v Blacks) for the actions of one or two, maybe we should take a breath and try and figure out what actually happened. 


Pixiv ID: 34165112Member: あきら


Pixiv ID: 34165112
Member: あきら

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This will never not be rude as hell.

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Ladies and Gentlemen. It has come to that time again where officialtroybaker needs more gaming blogs to follow.

Would you kindly Reblog or Like if you are blog that involves

• InFAMOUS: Second Son
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I would gladly check out your blog and follow if I like what I see. I’m in desperate need for more gaming blogs to follow.

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Stiles I-will-have-a-panic-attack-about-this-later-because-right-now-I-have-to-focus-and-deal-with-shit Stilinski

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